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Ethiopian leather products exporters

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MESACO GLOBAL TANNERY PLC. We are one of the finest producers leather from sheep, goat and cow. export our products finished semi-processed to Europe Asia.<br/>Ethiopia is home largest population livestock in Africa, with at least 40 million people ... Address:ETHIOPIAADDIS ABABAPOBOX 6656 Business type:Manufacturer Final Frontier Manufacturing.

ELIA works to enhance and improve the leather industries business climate by promoting export of leather, shoes and leather goods and garment, protecting the rights of members, and.

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Address : 224, Kebele 13/14, Woreda 07, Arada Sub-City, Near Bel Air Hotel, Aware, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Working : 09:00 am and 11:30 am on all working days, (Mondays to Fridays). How many exporters are available in product category? In Oct-Dec 2018, the total value of imports of Finished Leather in Ethiopia from foreign countries was US $ 2.0 Million – an.

Companies exporting leather products can send and receive up to 30sqm of hides as a sample. Last week, Debele Kabeta, head of the Customs Commission, notified 17 customs branch offices of the Finance Ministry's decision. Officials hope the move will foster the country's manufacturing capability and competitiveness in international markets.

Made in Ethiopia - All Ethiopian leather producers and their products (Shoe, Bag, Belt, Jacket, and Accessories) in one store Ethiopian Leather Industries Association (ELIA) is.

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